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Tableau Software is a Business Intelligence and Data visualization tool that helps to analyse and report huge amounts of data into desired information to make decisions.

Tableau offers the following data visualization tools for professionals and organizations. They are:
*Tableau Desktop: For single user/ self-purpose
*Tableau Server: Collaborating data sources from different organizations
*Tableau Online: Cloud-based Business Intelligence tool
*Tableau Reader: A feature that saves all your files on Desktop
*Tableau Public: Interactive online data publishing tool.

In this article, we will know about Tableau Server.

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How Tableau Server Works?

Consider an organisation with HR, Marketing, Sales team need to discuss about a software product to it’s top management and Project Management Team. Some of the points to discuss would be the market analysis, customer reviews, manpower requirement, additional features required to satisfy the customer needs. Individually, the department would be maintaining datasheets or workbooks for each product.

Tableau Server will collaborate all these worksheets from different departments called data sources and creates visualized data so that people/ management can understand easily. Here, it also provides access permissions to the data defining who can see which data.

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Tableau Server creates different sites for different groups ( like HR, Marketing, Sales etc.). Sites allow to each department to store their own data separately and is more secure as the people associated with that company can only access it.  Projects are ultimate worksheets/ dashboards that a published on server. One can can set up account configurations granting to view and edit the workbooks. Two separate teams work on each project- one on data exclusively working on collecting, reporting and other team that works on visualization of the data.

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What are the benefits of Tableau Server?

* It  is an online solution for  data sharing, distributing, and collaborating in an organization for making a  smooth inter-information transaction procedures.
*Tt makes the data shareable among the departments of an organisation. One can create the workbooks or dashboards from multiple data sources and then publish this content to the main company server.

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*  The data can be secure by providing multiple types of access grands. One can give access grants to published the content, for other group one can set permissions on projects, workbooks, to view them  and  other group gets access to collaborate data from data sources.
* It is Mobile friendly. One can see and interact with the most up-to-date data from anywhere. The reports are mobile optimized.

What are the kind of roles are allowed in Tableau Server?

There are 4 different group of people work on visualized data in Tableau server solution. They are:

1. Users
These are the members who uses datasheets or dashboards to explore and manage the data.
2. Content owner
These are the one who design, define and develop the data. They create dashboards, keep the content up-to- the -date and maintains the data along with backup.
3. Site Administrators
Theymanages the dashboard’s security. The access permissions and ownerships are taken care by these people. They also publish the reports on the main server of the company
4.Server Admins
They take care of the main server- maintenance,  backup, recovery and product installation, license keys are maintained.

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What are the benefits of Tableau Server?

Tableau Server has the following benefits.
* You can centrally manage and store data sources which is a reusable connection to data. They can be  customizable based on calculations, dimension aliases, groups, or sets.
* Data in Tableau Server is  no more dependent on database. If  your database get crashed then you will have data till last refresh making your dashboard will be alive
* Extract refreshes can be scheduled resulting in reducing the network traffic.
* Single time installation of drivers is sufficient for a connection to set up.

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