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Tableau Careers and Salaries

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Are you among those who are in confusion about whether to choose their career in Tableau or not? Well, you have come to the right place. This blog has been specially curated to clear all your doubts regarding choosing a career in Tableau and provide detailed information about its demand, career opportunities, salary structures, job roles, etc.

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Tableau is a global leader for the seventh consecutive year in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms. With its rising popularity, many organizations are moving towards Tableau, and this created a huge demand for professionals all over the world.

Tableau Certification salary

Q1) What is Tableau?

Ans: Tableau Desktop is said to be a rapid-fire business intelligence software that enables you to make decisions at a very quick pace. Tableau Desktop is also a leading new generation Business Intelligence (BI) application which is also dubbed as a “self-service” data discovery tool as it can be used to achieve with almost no support from IT staff. This product shines as a graphical tool or a visualization tool, where you would have relied on various other tools and takes longer durations to represent the bar charts or the pie charts. Tableau is built to perform and it provides very quick visual analytics.

Demand for Tableau Professionals: 

The data has been multiplying when compared to the past. This vast amount of data contains valuable information that helps organizations in making reliable business decisions. So to handle the data visualization process, organizations need Tableau professionals. This created a huge demand for Tableau professionals and the number of opportunities available has also increased. 


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Q2) Why is Tableau in such High Demand?

Ans: Having discussed what Tableau as software can achieve, it is the right time to discuss further what makes this an ideal choice for software professionals (though they are in development roles, quality roles or business analysts roles, or anything for that sake).

1. A surge in demand for Tableau Professionals:

One of the key aspects of software like Tableau is the rate at which the data is growing on a daily basis. Based on this, it is expected to generate more than 50 times of the amount of data that is generated in 2015 by the end of 2020 (as per the studies conducted by International Data Corporation (IDC)). With such huge sets of data and to cater to the real-time business requirements, organizations all over the world would need tools with simpler ways and means to analyze this data. Once the data that is available is analyzed to derive actionable insights out of it.

Looking at all these, it is evident that the demand for professionals who can cater to this side of the business also increases. People who are certified in Tableau sets of the software will be even better for Organizations to hire. One of the trends available on Google also certifies how important is this requirement for people who have Tableau as a skill in their resumes.

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2. Tableau Salary – Rewarding Tableau Career:

Alongside the fact that Tableau is a hot skill, the requirement for Tableau professionals and experts is also on the rise. Tableau professionals are getting paid just as the trend for the software product itself, on the high. The average salaries for professionals with Tableau skill range in the vicinity of $106,000. With the average salary being revealed, the highest salary observed in this line of business is $158,000.

Tableau provides a redeeming salary in India too, with an average salary of 500,000 INR. A surge is also observed in the salaries in both US and India during the years 2016-2017 and is expected to increase further with the scarcity of learned professionals in this line of business. A pictorial representation of the salaries provided to Tableau professionals in various roles and responsibilities is provided for your better understanding of the skill and its demand is shown below.

3. Top Companies are always Hunting for Tableau Talent:

If you are well aware of the trends in the IT industry then you should already have an idea how important is this skill that we are talking about. A scan through the current openings in the overall industry will give you a fair idea of how well there are openings for this skill alone. The companies that we are talking about are the likes of Facebook, Dell, Groupon, General Motors, Sony Electronics, Bank of America, KPMG Cummins, Verizon and many others of the same caliber and cadre. You will not be out of the market if you are adding this as part of your resume, you can make an ideal career out of all your skills available on your resume with just Tableau alone.

4. Choices of Job Roles to be Offered in Tableau:

The best of the best is the choice that you can make out of the job roles that you want to take up in the industry. There are various other roles just as like the roles available to any other skillset, but the flexibility in switching between the roles is commendable. The expectations from the Developers to Feature Quality Agents to Business Analysts remains the same, as it is more of a tool than to a programming language that can barely differentiate between job roles. Following are some of the hottest job titles for Tableau experts/professionals:

1. Tableau Consultant

2. Data Analyst

3. Business Analyst

4. Business Intelligence Analyst

5. Business Intelligence Developer

6. Business Intelligence Manager

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5. Shining Future for Tableau:

Tableau was ranked the leader amongst its competitors in the fields of Data Visualization, Business Intelligence – in a mesmerizing 4th time by Gartner Research. Alongside that prestigious position to Tableau’s cap, it is by far the most admired product in the line of businesses of Data Visualization and Business Intelligence. Tableau software is a strong contender that has its sole moto of “Completeness of Vision” and is working towards it every possible moment. Looking at the dedication that the product team is putting in, it goes to show that the future for Tableau is very bright and at the same time secure as well.

Tableau Salary Trends

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Tableau Certification:

Tableau certification consists of mainly two edges, and they are:

  • Tableau Desktop
  • Tableau Server

Tableau Desktop:

Tableau certification is apt for data visualization professionals and data analysts who wish to create and design interactive dashboards. 

Tableau Desktop Certification has four streams in it, and they are as follows:

1. Tableau Desktop Specialist

This exam is for those who have basic skills and capable enough of understanding tableau desktop. The fee for this certification is $100.

2. Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate Exam

This certification exam is applicable for those who have the capability of understanding the functionalities in tableau desktop. Moreover, individuals who are applicable for this certification must have at least five months of working experience in learning this product. The certification cost is $250.

3. Tableau Desktop Certified Professional Exam

The cost of this certification exam is $600. This certification is suitable for those who have advanced knowledge in tableau desktop and also for those who have the capability to apply the visual analytics techniques in order to help people in understanding data.

4. Tableau Desktop Delta Exam

This exam is mainly conducted in order to provide you with a path to renew your certification if any new updates on the tableau desktop version come out. The cost of this exam is $125.

Tableau Server:

Tableau Server certification is good enough for BI and IT professionals and data administrators who are completely involved in the data layer administration which depends on tableau reports.

Tableau server certification has three streams in it, and they are as follows:

1. Tableau Server Qualified Associate Exam

This kind of exam is apt for those who have the ability to understand the functionalities of the tableau server in a full-fledged environment. Moreover, to attempt this exam an individual should have 4 to 6 months of experience. The certification fee for this exam is $250.

2. Tableau Server Certified Professional Exam

The fee for this tableau certified professional is $800. This exam is conducted for those who have advanced skills in understanding the functionalities of tableau server in enterprise and single machine configuration.

3. Tableau Server Delta Exam

This exam is mainly conducted in order to provide you with a path to renew your certification if any new updates on the tableau server come out. The cost of this exam is $125.

4.  Future Scope of Tableau: 

Tableau has gained popularity and continuity to hold a leadership position in the business intelligence segment. It has grabbed a position far away from its competitors with its unique features. One can surely have a bright future with Tableau. The below-mentioned image clearly shows how popular and far away Tableau is from its competitors.  


If you have reached this point and still in a dilemma about whether or not to start working towards gaining expertise, it is very much suggested that you take the step further in investing your time in learning this wonderful product. This has already identified by many well-versed professionals, hence any further delay might turn out costly in wrecking your ideal dream career with Tableau. Don’t fall behind; join the bandwagon and excel to learn Tableau.

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