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Introduction to Tableau API

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Tableau Technology mostly delivers the API’s for the required developers in the creation of new experiences. It also helps to extend the possibilities of Tableau for the developers to share, support and engage in an effective manner. Tableau is glad to deliver the unique platform to provide plenty of choices and flexibility to the people as well. It is completely about enabling the developers to build a unique trendy experiences for the customers with ease and understand the required data. It is all about enabling the automation and simplification to deploy Tableau. Certainly, it is with unleashing opportunities for the developers to integrate embedded analytics into every corner of the business to boost revenues. 

Tableau Software has come into existence which helps people to see and understand the required data. Tableau mostly helps for anyone to analyze, visualize and sharing of information which is done in a quick manner. Most of the Organizations are investing in this Tableau technology to acquire rapid results with Tableau and boost revenues to take it into next advanced level. 

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Integration with various Business Systems 

Tableau API mainly provide the developers with the flexibility to connect with any required data source and the integration of Tableau in any of the application for easily embedded analytics. This Tableau community has used the given API’s to build to new Web Data Connectors, scrape data and creation of Tableau extracts, embed of Tableau visualization into websites, building up of tracking tool to follow various interactions with high visualizations. 

There are certain customized integration with Tableau that mostly helps the business to make use of the data and high interaction for the employees and certain communities. Tableau's Web Data connector makes it easy to build connectors that tap into the world of data on the web and help the Tableau users for discovering new insights and make quick decisions. It mostly enables various communications along with sharing of data-driven insights in an effective and easy way to reach market demand.

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Automating and Simplifying Tableau Deployment

Tableau’s new APIs can easily help with streamline deployments and can easily automate the business processes.

* Automative administrative tasks with the REST-API’s:  This Tableau REST API has been mostly expanded with the required metadata information options where user can easily play vital role in filtering process and the access to return with Tableau Server Version 
Leveraging of Data Integration and Data Prep Processes: With the help of Web Data Connector, there will be an refresh of external data prep job form the Tableau to have a great flow of analysis. 
Creation of Template workbook in the Tableau technology and easily deploying of across multiple servers and databases 
Extending of core Tableau capabilities with value-added third part solutions.

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The Developer Resources of Tableau Technology 

JavaScript API: It is for integrating Tableau views into different web applications 
Rest API: It mainly helps in managing the permissions and other publishing on the Tableau Server or else Tableau Online through various HTPPS. The REST API will provide access to the functionality behind various data sources and site users. 
Tableau SDK: Usage of C, C++, Java or else Python to extract the real world data in an efficient manner
Web Data Connector: Creation of Tableau connection with Javascript to access with ease over HTTP. It probably includes JSON Data, Internal web services, XML data, REST API’s and other resources. 
ODBC connector: To create a connection using Open Database Connectivity where the data access protocol should be worked out with wide range of data sources. 

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Tableau Rest API

With the help of Tableau Server REST API, aspirants can easily manage and show the great change the given Tableau Server resources in the programmatically way using HTTP. REST API has come up to give the access to various functionalities leaving behind the data sources, workbooks, projects and the sites on the Tableau Server. It is also used in the creation of own custom applications or to script high interactions with Tableau Server Resources. 

The Tableau Server REST API is completely based on the certain principles of REST protocol for the client-server communications. Here the client-server communications is mainly happened using standard web requests. Here all the resources are identified in the most consistent way using Uniform Resource Identifier. Most of the actions are been expressed with standards verbs like GET and POSTS. For each and every action, the client passes the necessary required information occurs over the HTTP and using other standard web requests. 

Filtering process along with the sorting is done with ease by following all the additional data models 

Query Groups
Query Projects 

The REST API Requirements 

Tableau Server Version: To have the programming with REST API, there should be the latest version of Tableau 8.2 because some of the methodologies were added in the later versions of the Tableau Server. The certain documentation for the individual API methods are indicated with the latest versions of using methods.

API Enabled: Tableau Server is probably installed with the REST API enabling by default. You can simply able or else disable the REST API by using the commands of the tabadmin set.

This Tableau REST API includes the

REST API Versions 
Signing In and Out 
Using HTTPS(SSL and TLS)
Filtering and Sorting 
XML Schema 
Paginating Results 
Publishing Resources 
Handling Errors
Testing and Troubleshooting

With the help of Tableau Server REST API, one can easily manage and do the required changes with Tableau Server resources in a programmatic way. 

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Tableau JavaScript API

This Tableau JavaScript API is mainly used for the integration of Tableau visualization into various web applications as well.

Mainly, exporting of visualizations to an image or else the PDF
Display of visualizations from Tableau Server, Tableau Public, Tableau Online in web pages 
Dynamically load and resize of visualizations 
Filtering of Data displayed in the visualizations with HTML controls in the page 
Selecting of marks with visualizations 
Great Response to certain events in visualizations 

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