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Have you been using Salesforce and want to know what Salesforce tools you can add to your organizational processes to improve the overall productivity? If yes, you've stumbled upon the right post. Here, you will find some of the best Salesforce tools that both beginners and professionals can use in their companies. Let's have a look ahead. 

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If you or your team are spending more time on non-core tasks than the vital tasks for the business, overall productivity can take a huge hit. For instance, the primary role of a sales representative is to make sales. Some other tasks, like scheduling, data updating, email syncing, and more, will surely help in the process of selling. However, these are not the core tasks. 

In such a scenario, Salesforce comes into the picture. It's one of the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools you can find in the market. Salesforce can help you boost sales, increase conversion rates, and improve accuracy.

If you can automate minimal tasks, you'd be able to save a lot of time and stay productive. So, to help you out, here are some best Salesforce tools you can use. Let's have a look further.

Salesforce Tools - Table of Content

  1. Sales Funnel
  2. Adobe Sign
  3. ZoomInfo
  4. SMS-Magic
  5. Whatfix
  6. Five9
  7. Progress of Case Status
  8. Social25
  9. SurveyMonkey
  10. Ambition

1. Sales Funnel

Provided by InsightSquared, Sales Funnel is the free app that assists managers in tracking the progress of sales representatives via visualization of the entire sales funnel. This tool also lets you see conversion rates at every stage. 

The tool lets you quickly find out when further training is required. The stages could be customized as per the company's requirements. With the app, you can automatically import data from Salesforce as well. 

2. Adobe Sign

If you believe Salesforce, almost 25% of the sales representative's time is spent on administrative tasks. Adobe Sign helps automate complex paperwork processes. With this tool, you can create, sign, send and file agreements from the platform of Salesforce itself. 

The e-signature process is automated as well. You can streamline the entire process and make the sales cycle shorter. The app has a two-way integration with Salesforce, and the documents can be populated through Salesforce data. You can even automatically file the client's information in Salesforce once the agreement is signed. 

3. ZoomInfo

In Salesforce, you must keep the contact information updated regularly. Large databases can make the process tedious and complicated. With ZoomInfo, you can solve this issue by making the process quick and easy.

ZoomInfo comprises an extensive database that contains verified information of contact. It can easily scan discrepancies between the Salesforce database and the ZoomInfo database. Not just that, it automatically updates the Salesforce database. 

Furthermore, it's even possible to set the alerts for companies and get notifications about new projects, funding opportunities, and staffing changes. 

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4. SMS-Magic

For sales, engaging with potential leads is extremely crucial. However, it can get complicated for teams to stay on track when using varying platforms for multiple conversations. Using 20 or more apps a day can have a higher error rate. 

Thus, SMS-Magic comes into the picture as a good solution for this issue. This tool assists in engaging with leads through various communication channels as per the customers' preference, be it SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook or any other. 

With this tool, you can handle all the conversations in a single inbox. You can also set up bots for automated conversations and communication-based marketing campaigns.

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5. Whatfix

If you're training the customer service team to employ Salesforce effectively, Whatfix turns out to be an adequate solution. This tool guides employees by helping them navigate through every factor of the platform. This way, you better understand how the platform could be used to its utmost efficacy and potential. 

Whatfix comprises varying guides on how customers' questions should be responded to through social media or email. The tool also offers alerts on new features and upgrades to keep the team updated and versed on everything that Salesforce offers. 

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6. Five9

Five9 acts like an omnichannel contact center that usually works great for customer service teams to regulate and manage calls. Its ability to automatically prioritize and route calls instantly directs your customers to the correct agents.

The tool also comprises a chat function and lets agents message customers, which eventually decreases the call volume. Five9 uses Salesforce data to provide context to agents on the customers and make suggestions after that. 

Both the call and the data happen on the Salesforce platform. Thus, the agents don't have to waste their time searching for information. 

7. Progress of Case Status

Waiting can be tiresome, especially when a problem is in the stage of getting resolved. The faster you can address customers' concerns, the better customer satisfaction will be. With this free app, you can showcase how long a ticket has been lying around at every stage during the entire support process. 

This tool can help track the status changes. It also offers visibility of where in the entire process any ticket has been stuck. And then, the team can enhance the pipeline and decrease the time to solve for the target customers. 

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8. Social25

Social25 assists you with customer engagement on their chosen social channels. With this tool, you get to see and respond to your customers while facing the issue of switching between windows as the messages are received within the platform of Salesforce. 

This specific tool is adequate for employees who wish to connect with customers through Kik, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter DM, etc. If you want, you can even create chatbots to improve instant engagement with your customers further. 

9. SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is undoubtedly an invaluable tool as far as improving customer satisfaction is concerned. Since it makes it possible to conduct direct surveys, you can easily use this tool to automate the whole survey process and speed up the same.

You can seamlessly gather feedback and store it in Salesforce with this tool. SurveyMonkey comprises a mobile-friendly approach and has a variety of pre-made templates to use that save a lot of time for you.

Furthermore, this tool also helps you analyze the accumulated data in Salesforce, thus, accelerating the process of following up with every customer. 

10. Ambition

If you use several platforms to accumulate essential data for your business, Ambition is a great tool. It helps you curate and display performance analytics from Salesforce and third-party systems - all in one place.

Moreover, you can also develop and manage your teams with customizable, consistent metric-based coaching programs with this platform. The robust coaching suite of Ambition lets sales and enablement leaders maximize their teams' performance. 


There is no denying the fact that every enterprise has distinct requirements. The software they use, naturally, works differently. These softwares are designed in varying languages and have customized business logic, security, data storage, and visual representation. Now that you have an entire list of the best Salesforce tools, choose the one that matches your requirements the best and can serve you well. 

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