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Are you curious to learn about Salesforce projects? Are you in poor light on how to start learning Salesforce projects? Well! You are at the right stop. This blog will answer your questions in the best way. Yes! This blog explains the importance of learning Salesforce Projects and sheds light on a few critical projects. Additionally, you will know the perquisites for learning Salesforce projects and the skills you will reap after the learning.

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Nowadays, CRM tools play a pivotal role in streamlining companies' sales and marketing operations. The tools simplify customer and sales team interaction, maintain customer and sales data, generate reports and analytics, and many more. In the end, companies can boost productivity and business outcomes dramatically with the help of CRM tools.

On the same lines, Salesforce is one of the popular tools widely used across many companies.

Yes! Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software that helps companies to streamline sales operations, locate new customers, accelerate conversions, and deliver the best customer service. It is a robust platform for companies to elevate their sales, marketing, and services.

Also, Salesforce is a cutting-edge tool that helps track customer behavior, identify suitable promotions and offers to customers, and perform many other sales and marketing tasks effortlessly. As Salesforce is a tool widely used worldwide, there is a soaring demand for Salesforce professionals in the job market. If you hone your skills on Salesforce, the chance of getting hired by top companies with an attractive package is not far away.

But the question is, what is the best way to enhance your knowledge of Salesforce?

Here’s the answer. Practicing on Salesforce Projects is the best way to excel in the tool. By working on a few real-time Salesforce projects, you will become super smart by enriching your skills and knowledge of Salesforce.    

Having this in mind, MindMajix subject experts have designed this blog.

This blog will clearly describe key Salesforce projects, their importance, skills developed by learning them, Salesforce real-time projects, and many more.

Let’s learn!

Table of Contents - Salesforce projects

Why Salesforce Projects?

We all know that achieving mastery over a tool cannot be done overnight. It needs unwavering focus and intense practice.

On this note, if you want to excel in Salesforce, you must focus and practice. Mainly, working on projects will help to groom your skills.

Learning Salesforce projects is one of the methods that you can use to gain mastery over the Salesforce tool. Note that the degree of expertise you earn over the tool depends on the number of projects you have completed.

By working on Salesforce projects step by step, you will get good hands-on experience with Salesforce. Certainly! It will put up your confidence level to the next.

This blog demonstrates the key Salesforce projects for both freshers and experienced learners. It will help to know the purpose and the significance of each project. If you further practice the projects with this basic understanding, you will undoubtedly enrich your knowledge of Salesforce.

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Pre-requisites to learn Salesforce projects

Before learning Salesforce projects, you must ensure that you have some basic skills. It will help you to work on Salesforce projects effortlessly.

We can categorize basic skills into two categories such as technical and soft skills.

Let’s list them out!

1. Technical Skills

  • Using Point-and-Click tools of Salesforce.
  • Basic knowledge of MVC architecture
  • Familiar with tools like JQuery, Bootstrap, etc.
  • Basic understanding of Salesforce's Aura, Visualforce, and Lightning web components.         
  • Familiar with query languages such as SOSL, SOQL, etc.
  • Basic coding skills in CSS, HTML, and JavaScript languages.
  • Exposure to various Salesforce components, such as process builder, triggers, and data loader
  • Ability to code using Apex language programming. 

2. Soft Skills

  • Good team player and collaboration skills
  • Strong analytical and reasoning skills
  •  Attention to detail
  • Time management and quick learning

Skills that you will acquire through Salesforce Projects

You will develop the following abilities once you start practicing with Salesforce projects.

By working on Salesforce projects, you can:

  • Acquire a thorough knowledge of Salesforce and its different products.
  • Manage Salesforce components such as workflows, fields, and security models efficiently.
  • Customize the Salesforce platform based on the needs of businesses.
  • Gain exposure to ERP systems, payment gateways, and social media platforms.
  • Learn about integration tools such as Heroku, Salesforce Connect, etc.
  • Get exposure to workflow rules and other customization features.
  • Get familiar with APIs such as REST, SOAP, etc.
  • Gather, cleanse, and analyze data to generate reports, build helpful analytics, and gain valuable insights. Even you can share them with external applications.

Salesforce Projects

As stated earlier, practicing Salesforce projects is the best way to get exposure to Salesforce software. Go through the Salesforce projects described in this section; it will help to gain a solid idea about the projects.

In this part, we have categorized the Salesforce projects into two sections - freshers and experienced.

Let’s read through the projects one by one.

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Salesforce Projects For Freshers

Salesforce projects

1. Testing Salesforce Project

This project is a good choice for freshers to start with Salesforce projects. This project comes with the necessary instructions to run the Salesforce projects, as well as document translation. The project also includes reference documents, source code files, translated files, and more.

Working on this project will be a stepping stone to work on high-level Salesforce projects effortlessly.

2. Creating an Apex Trigger

Know that the Apex trigger is a vital component used in Salesforce software to speed up sales processes. So learning how to create an apex trigger in the Salesforce platform is crucial.

In this Salesforce project, you will be exposed to how to effectively create and apply a unique apex trigger in your project.

3. Customizing your Dashboard

As you know, dashboards summarize various business operations in one place. So you can get good visibility across all the business operations in a single glance.

Know that every business wants to build its dashboard based on its own needs. That’s why customization is crucial in building dashboards.

In this Salesforce project, you can learn how to create dashboards. Mainly, you will get familiar with customizing dashboards by applying the customization process. 

Salesforce dashboard

4. Order Management system 

By practicing this project, you will learn how to process orders effectively. You will also learn to use the Lightning web and other vital Salesforce components.

Additionally, you will learn how to use triggers and automate order approvals. Besides, you will get proficient in dealing with batch Apex jobs and usage test classes.

5. Generating Customized Reports

Similar to creating dashboards, Salesforce allows customizing reports and creating own reports. It will enable customizing reports based on the business needs. And it provides accurate information about customers, sales, and other sales-related activities with the help of the reports.

Learning this Salesforce project makes you handle sales and customer data easily. In other words, you can gather, store, clean, and analyze the data efficiently.

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Salesforce Projects For Experienced

Let’s jump into the Salesforce projects that will be highly helpful to experienced learners. Practicing these Salesforce projects will help you to polish your skills on Salesforce.

Salesforce Projects

1. Restaurant e-management system

With this Salesforce project, you will learn to build a restaurant e-management system. This project includes many steps, from customer arrival to taking service to leaving the restaurant.

The steps can be listed as follows:

  • The customer arrives at the restaurant and orders food items using the tablet or mobile placed on the dining table.
  • The customer reads through the menu. After that, they add food items to the cart.
  • The kitchen crew prepares the dishes once the customer confirms the order.
  • The customer may order some extra dishes to be added to the cart.
  • Once the service ends, the bill draft is generated on the mobile/tablet.
  • The customer verifies the bill and says 'yes' to generate the invoice.
  • After paying the bill, the customer leaves the restaurant.

This restaurant e-management Salesforce project is built incorporating all the steps mentioned above. By creating this project, you will learn to optimize the sales operations of a restaurant and improve its efficiency and productivity with Salesforce.

2. Migrating to Dynamic Forms

It is a critical Salesforce project that helps to learn how to migrate record pages into dynamic forms. Generally, record pages are migrated to dynamic forms to reduce complexity. This is because the information stored on the record page fields creates much ambiguity. 

Also, this project will teach you to format record fields to make the data in the fields appear to users only under specific conditions. Working on this Salesforce project will aid you in learning the basics of record pages as well as dynamic forms. 

3. Capstone Project

By learning this project, you will be exposed to importing and cleaning data, configuring interface tools, building templates, and many more. You will also learn how to generate reports, handle chatter tools, configure dashboards, and more. Besides, you will learn how to deploy Salesforce seamlessly.

Once you complete this project, you will be proficient in Salesforce fundamentals. Additionally, you will develop a solid background in data management and security, integration, and automation.

4. Building an email flow for PMM

By practicing this project, you will learn how to build an email flow for Program Management Module (PMM). Essentially, PMM provides sales teams the adequate tools to manage sales operations. It also assists in generating reports and analytics with which the sales team can make informed decisions.

You can build an email flow for PMM through the four steps listed below:

  • Creating an email template
  • Building a flow
  • Activating the flow as well as adding quick actions
  • Applying the flow

5. Quick start: Connecting Postman to Salesforce

Working on this Salesforce project will teach you how to connect Postman with Salesforce through suitable APIs. The connection can be made through four steps:

  • Preparing the organization to connect Postman
  • Loading the Salesforce platform APIs
  • Connecting Postman in the organization
  • Examining the connection, in the end.

6. Customizing the CRM analytics Customer App

This is one of the crucial Salesforce projects for learners to analyze customer behavior and interests in-depth. They need to go through multiple stages to complete this project. The steps are given below:

  • Understanding customer behavior through insights and analytics
  • Creating the application in addition to running recipes
  • Putting up a dashboard on the accounts page
  • Adding custom objects to the application’s dataset
  • Examining row-level security settings

Salesforce Real-time Project Examples

Below is a list of a few Salesforce real-time project examples with which you can enhance your skills in Salesforce software.

  • Shelter homes management platform
  • Lease management system
  • Mileage application
  • Online bookstore analysis and development
  • Graphical LCD projects
  • Business data analytics solution
  • Networking projects
  • VPN projects
  • Advertising projects

Salesforce Projects: Why are they so important?

You can enrich your knowledge and skills in Salesforce in many ways. However, learning Salesforce projects is critical to sharpening your expertise in the Salesforce tool. 

The following pointers describe how Salesforce projects support polishing your knowledge of Salesforce.

Let’s take a look at the points below:

  • Salesforce is a robust CRM tool widely used by many small and large-scale companies worldwide. So one who is proficient in this tool will gain more chances of getting hired by top companies.
  • Having good hands-on experience on Salesforce will help to breeze through real-time projects.
  • You can quickly complete your real-time Salesforce projects, boosting productivity and reducing costs.
  • Intense practice on Salesforce projects will improve your proficiency in Salesforce.
  • Above all, you will improve your collaboration skills by working with different teams and learning time management.

Salesforce Projects FAQs

1. What are Salesforce Projects?

Working on Salesforce projects helps to improve one’s hands-on experience in the Salesforce tool. Practicing a few Salesforce projects will undeniably familiarize you with Salesforce software.

2. What are the different Salesforce products?

Salesforce Sales Cloud, apps cloud, analytics cloud, sales revenue cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, experience cloud, Pardot, IoT Cloud.

3. How to create a project in Salesforce?

First, signup into the trailhead portal on the Salesforce official website. Select a project in the given list based on your expertise level. The step-by-step instructions provided in the project will help you to complete the project successfully.

4. What are the fields in Salesforce?

Fields store data values for objects. They are similar to columns in databases. Salesforce comes with two fields: Salesforce standard fields and custom fields.

5. Which one is the most popular Salesforce product?

Sales Cloud is the most popular Salesforce project. Service cloud, commerce cloud, marketing cloud, and analytics cloud are the next line of Salesforce products being popular in the market.

6. What is the crucial use of Salesforce software?

Salesforce is the CRM tool that optimizes sales operations, smoothens customer and sales team interaction, maintains customer and sales data, and much more. It enhances sales performance and hence boosts business outcomes.

7. What types of Salesforce projects might be helpful to learn?

The following Salesforce projects might be highly beneficial to learners.

  • Build from scratch implementation
  • Automating existing manual processes
  • Migrating CRM implementation
  • Redesigning current processes

8. What do you mean by Salesforce DX projects?

Salesforce DX is a Salesforce product that helps to build Salesforce apps efficiently. Mainly, it comes with a true version control feature. It allows developers to collaborate, audit, and minimize risks better.

9. What type of language is used in Salesforce projects?

Apex and JavaScript are the programming languages used in Salesforce.


It’s a wrap! We hope that this blog has developed a clear idea of Salesforce projects in your mind. The description of various Salesforce projects provided in the blog might have improved your knowledge of Salesforce projects. Also, you should have clearly understood the importance of learning salesforce projects.

Though self-learning plays a significant role in improving your knowledge, professional training will do wonders for learners. Yes! It is a worthwhile idea if you find a Salesforce course in"Salesforce Training" and gain certification. It will help supercharge your skills and skyrocket your career.

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