Salesforce Lightning Course Overview

Mindmajix Salesforce Lightning Training is developed and orchestrated by the industry experts to help the learners expertise in the Salesforce Lightning Framework Conceptions. As a part of this Salesforce Lightning course, you will acquire hands-on knowledge of Lightning Web Components (LWC), Javascript Basics, SLDS Components, and Aura Framework. This training program includes 3 real-time projects to provide you with exposure to advanced concepts like Lightning App Builder, Custom Events, and Lightning Components. Through this Salesforce Lightning Online Training, you can master all the skills required to build the apps through Lightning App Builder. Enrol to become a Certified Salesforce Lightning App Builder.

Salesforce Lightning Training
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Course Coverage

Course Includes

Live Training

20 Hours of Sessions

Lab Sessions

16 Hours of Labs

Flexible Schedule

Flexible Schedules

FREE Demo on Request

FREE Demo on Request

24/7 Lifetime Support

24/7 Lifetime Support

One-on-One Doubt Clearing Sessions

One-on-One Doubt Clearing

Certification Assistance

Certification Oriented Curriculum

Two Real-time Project Use cases

Real-time Project Use cases

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Salesforce Lightning Course Content

Our Course curriculum is designed in-line with the most in-demand Salesforce Job market needs and for the working professionals and learners who are actively pursuing a career change or advancement or looking to gain a new skill set in Salesforce Lightning.

Note: You can register for either " LWC" or " AURA"  separately.

Salesforce Lightning LWC Course Curriculum (Duration: 20 Hours)

1. Introduction

  • Intro to Salesforce LWC (Lightning Web Component)
  • Set up a development environment
  • Installing VS code
  • Installing Salesforce CLI
  • Creating default and scratch org
  • Difference between LWC and Aura

2. LWC Fundamentals

  • Creating a Basic Component
  • HTML template
  • JS 
  • Applying CSS
  • Lifecycle hooks
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Loops or iteration

3. Javascript Properties

  • Private properties
  • Public properties
  • Getter

4. Communicate with Events

  • Create and dispatch events
  • Handle events
  • Configure event propagation
  • Communicate between components
  • Events Best Practices

5. Access Salesforce Data

  • Data Guidelines
  • Lightning Data Service
  • Call Apex method using Wire
  • Call apex Method imperatively

6. Security with Lightning Locker Service

7. Aura Coexistence

8. Migrate aura components

9. Debugging

10. Testing

Salesforce Lightning AURA Course Curriculum (Duration: 20 Hours)

1. Introduction 

  • Intro to Salesforce Lightning AURA
  • Setup development environment
  • Difference between Aura and LWC

2. Lightning Framework Overview and Prerequisites

  • Create a Developer Account and setting up the Custom Domain
  • Lightning component framework Overview
  • Creating a Lightning Component and Lightning App
  • Attributes in Lightning Components and Lightning Apps
  • Reusability of the Lightning Components and Component Composition

3. CSS and JavaScript Basics

  • Inline Styles
  • Internal Styles
  • External Styles
  • javaScript DOM
  • Data Types and Functions
  • Console, Alert and Confirm
  • javaScript Events
  • All the basics needed to proceed with Lightning Development

4. Aura Framework and Lightning Bundle

  • UI Elements, Value Providers, Expressions, aura:find, aura:if and aura:iteration
  • Controller, Helper and Style Resources
  • Standard and components
  • Complete Understanding of Document Resource
  • Complete Understanding of Rendered Resource
  • Complete Understanding of Design Resource
  • Complete Understanding on SVG Resource
  • Two-way data binding

5. Lightning Design System Overview

  • Referring  STYLE Resource and SLDS
  • Using SLDS components (Forms, Buttons, SVG Icons etc…)
  • Showing Notifications (Success, Error, Warning etc…)

6. Calling Server Logic to alter or retrieve data from the Database

  • Retrieving the data from the database
  • Performing DML operations
  • Other kind of method calls

7. System Events and handling the events

  • aura:waiting and aura:doneWaiting
  • aura:valueInit
  • aura:valueChange
  • aura:locationChange
  • aura:doneRendering
  • aura:valueRender
  • aura:valueDestroy
  • aura:systemError
  • event.getSource(), and event.currentTarget

8. Custom Events

  • Application Events and Component Events
  • Registering the events and handling the events
  • Event Propagation

9. Dynamic Component Creation

  • Creating the Lightning Component Dynamically
  • Destroying the Lightning Component Dynamically

10. Lightning App Builder and Design Resource

  • Lightning Pages
  • Lightning Custom Tab
  • Design Resource and Property of a component

11. Using Lightning App and Lightning Component in different areas of Application

  • Overriding the Custom Action with Lightning Design System Bundle
  • Lighting App as an Application
  • Using Lightning App in Visualforce Page using Lightning out

12. Designing a reusable Datatable with Lightning Component

  • Pagination
  • Actions (View, Edit, Delete)
  • Dynamically displaying the fields

Do you cover Salesforce Lightning LWC and AURA as a single course?

We offer Salesforce Lightning LWC and Salesforce Lightning AURA as two different courses with different prices. And, you can register for a customized curriculum covering both versions at a special discounted price. For further information about the course, please drop us an enquiry, and our Course Advisor will assist you in making your learning hassle-free.


Most of the Salesforce Lightning Jobs in the industry expect the following add-on skills. Hence, we offer these skills-set as FREE Courses (Basics) to ease your learning process and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Agile & Scrum

Hands-on Salesforce Lightning Projects

Our Salesforce Lightning Training course aims to deliver quality training that covers solid fundamental knowledge on core concepts with a practical approach. Such exposure to the current industry use-cases and scenarios will help learners scale up their skills and perform real-time projects with the best practices.

Training Options

Choose your own comfortable learning experience.

Self-Paced Videos

20 hrs of E-Learning Videos


  • 20 hours of Salesforce Lightning Training videos
  • Curated and delivered by industry experts
  • 100% practical-oriented classes
  • Includes resources/materials
  • Latest version curriculum with covered
  • Get lifetime access to the LMS
  • Learn technology at your own pace
  • 24x7 learner assistance
  • Certification guidance provided
  • Post sales support by our community

Live Online

20 hrs of Remote Classes in Zoom/Google meet



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Aug 05 - Aug 20

08:00 PM EST


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Aug 15 - Aug 30

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  • + Includes Self-Paced

  • Live demonstration of the industry-ready skills.
  • Schedule your sessions at your comfortable timings.
  • Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) classes.
  • Real-time projects and certification guidance.

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For Corporates

Empower your team with new skills to Enhance their performance and productivity.

Corporate Training

  • Customized course curriculum as per your team’s specific needs
  • Training delivery through self-Paced videos, live Instructor-led training through online, on-premise at Mindmajix or your office facility
  • Resources such as slides, demos, exercises, and answer keys included
  • Complete guidance on obtaining certification
  • Complete practical demonstration and discussions on industry use cases

Served 120+ Corporates

Corporate Clients

Salesforce Lightning Certification

Show the world that you have pursued one of the best in the industry.

Shall I appear for Salesforce Lightning certification exam after completion of Salesforce Lightning course?

Our Salesforce Lightning course covers all the topics that are required to clear Salesforce Lightning certification. Trainer will share Salesforce Lightning certification guide, Salesforce Lightning certification sample questions, Salesforce Lightning certification practice questions.

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Yoseph Kinfu

Salesforce Consultant at Deloitte

I took online training on Salesforce Lightning, had a great learning experience. Worked on projects which gave me immense practical knowledge.  I apprec



Hari Prasad

Senior Salesforce Developer

I have taken Salesforce Lightning Training from Mindmajix. The trainer explained all the real-time concepts thoroughly and the training process was smooth and informat


Our Instructor

Learn from the certified and real time working professionals.

Specialized inSalesforce Lightning
More DetailsPassion towards teaching made Komal share the industrial experience he has got for further generations. He has got a total of three years into the real-time industrial background and has trained over 210+ students.

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Salesforce Lightning Training Objectives

Course Objectives

In this course, you will learn the following core skills:

  • Lightning apps on the app exchange.
  • Lightning dashboards and reports.
  • Lightning security.
  • Lightning process builder.
  • Custom app in lightning.
  • Data import wizard.
  • Click application development.
  • Salesforce Lightning will create a dynamic revolution in 2020 by tremendous developments and technology advancements. 
  • According to the recent survey conducted by top job portals, it is evident that there is a huge requirement for Salesforce admins and developers all over the world.
  • Certified Salesforce administrators earn an average salary of $87,000 USD per annum. But, depending on their knowledge, skills, and experience their salary might increase up to $160,000

The course is ideal for the following professionals:

  • Executives evaluating Salesforce
  • Salesforce administrators
  • Project managers
  • Aspirants who are willing to learn Salesforce UI.

There are no mandatory prerequisites for learning this course. But, having the skills mentioned below is an added advantage  

Familiar with HTML, JavaScript and CSS.
Basic understanding of Salesforce Apex and SOQL is preferred.

If you are new to any web development framework, you do not worry as the course will start from the basics to help you understand easily.

Upon completion of this course, the candidate will be in a position to perform the following operations:

  • Should be able to create, modify and rename objects
  • Should create different field types and validation rules
  • Must be able to deploy, and implement workflows
  • Need to know how to configure and manage data, dashboards, and reports.
  • Must be able to handle deployment of applications and manage changes
industry statistic

Industry Statistics

Jobs / Month


Avg. Salary

$ 165,700


+ Years of


+ Years of


+ Served


+ Students


+ Offers

Salesforce Lightning Training FAQs

What if I miss the class?

You can access the recording of the missed class through our LMS. We record each training session and upload it after the session to our LMS which can be accessible to the students.

Yes, we got custom training programs to complete the course as you need.

You need good internet connectivity with a mobile/tab/laptop/system installed with Zoom/Meet.

You can access the recorded videos through our LMS after every session.

Yes, you get two kinds of discounts. They are group discounts and referral discounts.

  • A group discount is offered when you join as a group of three or more.
  • When you are referred by someone already enrolled for training, you receive a referral discount.


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