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Report Building in Salesforce

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Report Builder is a tool which has a drag and drop interface for using the data rapidly and thoroughly. It will be used to create the latest reports and modify the present reports. To personalize the available record through report builder, press the report name and press “customize”. To maximize the screen, the report builder employs a compressed page header. Steps to report a build are as follows:

Table of Content: Report Building in Salesforce

Select a Report Type

The Report type indicates which fields and records are to be displayed in the report. For example, the contacts report provides access to the career fields and records like amount, etc.

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There are two kinds of Reports; they are as follows:

  • Standard Report

It provides you access to the majority of the salesforce data. The contact type provides you with the fields and records of the contact. 

  • Custom Report

It provides you access to the custom objects in the salesforce, custom views of standard objects that the administrator sets up. To create a new report, steps to be taken:

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  1. Within the Reports Tab, Press “New Report”.
  2. Choose the Report Type, and then press “create”.

Choose a Report Format

A Report can be in the matrix, summary, joined or tabular format. Select a format that is difficult enough to grab the data you want to display, but easy to convey it efficiently. The description of the different report format is as follows.

  • Summary: summary reports are identical to tabular reports, but also enables users to organize rows of data, subtotals, establishes charts, etc. They are also used as source reports for the components of the dashboard. This report format is used when you want to prepare a hierarchical list for a particular field. 
  • Tabular: These reports are the easiest method to view the data. Like the spreadsheet, they contain merely an organized group of fields in a column. This report format is better for building a list of records.    
  • Joined: This report format allows you to build different report blocks that give multiple views of the data. Every block operates as a subreport and contains columns, filtering and sorting. The joined report contains data from other several report formats. 

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Group your Report Data

Group the data in rows or columns in the matrix, summary reports exhibiting the substantial Information. 

  • Data for Grouping

The fields pane exhibits fields from the chosen report type. They are arranged by the folder. Prior to the data grouping in a summary report, we have to fold out a minimum of some fields into the previous pane.

Group your Report Data

  • Remove Grouping

Press the group menu, and select remove group and you can take the group and:

  1. Pull it to the column bar for removing the group, but retain the field as a column in the report.
  2. Pull it back to the field pane to delete the group and the field from the report.

Personalizing reports

Report Builder acts as a visual editor for building reports. Report builder screen allows you to work through report filters and fields and displays a glimpse of the report with some data.

Personalizing Reports

Fields pane(1): The field pane exhibits fields from the chosen report type, arranged by the folder. Discover the fields you need using the “Quick Find Search Box” and field type filters, after that pull them into a glimpse pane to include them into the report. 

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Fields Pane(2): Establish the time frame, view and custom filters to restrict the data displayed in the report.

Fields Pane(3): The dynamic glimpse renders it easy for you to personalize your report, include and delete columns, groups and blocking. Modify the format of the report.


Report Builder is used to building the reports, and reports are important as it is used to analyze the data. Data Analysation is important for enterprises to enhance their business. We can choose the type and format of the report according to the requirements. Report Personalization feature is also available in the Report Builder. So, we can build the reports easily through the report builder.

In the next topics, we will discuss in detail about “Customised Reports In Salesforce" Keep following us for more info on Salesforce Administration.

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