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Quote Line Editor In Salesforce CPQ

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From the previous article, we have learned how to add a Price Book, Account, Product, Opportunity & Quote. Now, let us learn how to Edit the Quote for providing the Additional Discount, Required Quantity, Cloning of Products, Add the product to the Favourites or Delete the product selected.

Basically, the Page layout of QLE (Quote Line Editor) is divided into 2 parts, they are, Quote Line section Object, and the other is Header part, i.e., Quote Object.

How to add Quote Line Editor(QLE) in SalesForce CPQ

As mentioned in the earlier article, after raising a Quote for the Product selection from the Price Book, the steps to Edit a Quote in Salesforce CPQ are as follows

Log in to Salesforce CPQ → Select the “Quotes”, from the menu bar available → New → Fill in the details required like Opportunity, Account, Price Book, etc. → Save → In the “Edit Quote” Screen → Click on “Add Products” → In the “Product Selection” Screen select the product services required → Click on the “Select” button → You will be redirected to the next screen.

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Buttons and their Functionalities in the Edit Quote Screen

  • Add Products - We can add a few more products to the list if required.
  • Favourites - We can add products to the Favourites screen.
  • Quick Save - It will quickly save the product list.
  • Calculate - It will calculate the product price based on the Net unit Price and the Quantity and displays it in the Net Total Column.
  • Quantity - We can change the product quantity if required in the quote edit, Individual product in the Quote is defined as Quote Line.
  • List Unit Price - It defines the Standard Price of the Unit of product.
  • Net Unit Price - It defines the product price after a discount based on the quantity of the units of products.
  • Net Total - It defines the total amount of the quote line or product based on the Quantity and Net Unit Price.
  • SubTotal - It defines the total amount of the Net Total.
  • Additional Discount - We can give a discount for the product in two days, either by Percentage (%) or by Currency(USD, INR).
  • Clone - We can even clone the product.
  • Delete - We can delete the Quote Line or Product from the list of products in the Quote.

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As explained in the earlier articles, we have a connection from,

Account → Opportunity → Quote → Quote Line Item → Product.

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Quote Line Edit Of Existing Quote

Steps to edit Quote Line:

Log in to Salesforce CPQ → Select the “Quotes”, from the menu bar available → Click on the “Existing Quote” → and click on the button “Edit Lines” → It directly re-directs to the “Edit Quote” where we can edit the Quote Line for Quantity, Additional Discount, Cloning, add to favourite & delete, etc.

How to Edit the “Quote Line” Page Layout for adding or removing or re-arranging the fields?

In order to remove or add or rearrange the number of columns in the Quote Line, Edit(Quote Line Object) - Page Layout, we need to follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to edit the Quote Line Object for Fields:

Log in to Salesforce CPQ → SetUp → In the quick find search for “Objects” → Find the “Quote Line” Object → Click on the “Field Sets” → Click on “Line Editor” edit → Make the required changes → Save.

How to edit the Header of Quote(Object) Page Layout?

Log in to Salesforce CPQ → SetUp → In the quick find search for “Objects” → Find the “Quote” Object → Click on the “Field Sets” → Click on “Line Editor” edit → Drag and Drop the required fields or Make the required changes → Save.

How to enable Multiple Quote line Delete Option?

Log in to Salesforce CPQ → SetUp → In the quick find search for “Installed Packages” → Click on the “Configure” button → Select the “Line Editor” Tab item → Check the “Enable Multi-Line Delete” → Save.

In the next topic, we will discuss in detail” ”. Keep following us for more info on Salesforce CPQ.


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