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New Relic Interview Questions

Have you been trying to bag a job as a new relic professional? If your answer is yes, this is the right blog for you. Here, with the help of professionals, we have curated some interview questions that will help you with the interview process.

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Software as a Service company New Relic specializes in performance and availability tracking. It sets and rates application performance uniformly throughout the environment using a standardized Apdex or application performance index score.

Before we begin the interview questions, let us study some key capabilities of New relic. The most prominent ones are:

  1. Real-time experimental setup and analytics that are simple to set up. Engineers can easily get up and running with visualizations that deliver opinionated insights on one‘s applications, whether it's on-premise or in the public cloud all over seven languages, with New Relic's SaaS model, without the need to set up pricey hardware or complicated custom dashboards.
  2. flexible dashboarding and instrumentation. Modern application teams must be able to adapt to the specialized requirements of various applications and industries in order to collect additional data. There are many ways to add custom instrumentation to New Relic's extensive out-of-the-box data collection, including API calls to the agencies from within the source code, XML-based custom avionics modules that can be packaged with deployed applications, and UI-based instrumentation addition without deploying any code.
  3. Directs the proper responses from engineers. An APM solution has to be able to communicate information that directs application teams to the appropriate solution for the current problem. Any telemetry gathered from the agents, including common metrics such as response time and custom events, can be alerted on by New Relic. The ultimate objective is to identify and fix issues before they have an impact on your customers. The New Relic Applied Intelligence (NRAI) platform uses a variety of methods, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, to direct engineers to the most critical performance anomalies.
  4. links the end-user experience to application performance. The impact of performance on the customer must be assessed by modern application teams at each and every level of the stack, from the front end to the server. The New Relic platform connects frontend performance to server-side performance by using real-user monitoring, synthetic monitoring, and mobile app performance analysis to give clear visibility into the end-user experience.

For easier grasping, we have divided these questions into categories, they are:

Frequently Asked New Relic Interview Questions

  1. What does New Relic's Runbook mean?
  2. Who makes use of New Relic?
  3. Where is data stored by New Relic?
  4. What exactly is relic 1?
  5. What do plugins for New Relic do?
  6. Owner of New Relic?
  7. Does New Relic use cookies?
  8. What distinguishes Splunk and New Relic from one another?
  9. What does New Relic's runbook URL mean?
  10. Who or what is New Relic?

Top New Relic Interview Questions for Freshers

1. What advantages does New Relic offer?

Data may be accessed at any time and from any location thanks to Software as a Service (SaaS) from New Relic.

With the help of New Relic's availability monitoring, you can attempt to obtain a good report and examine the downtime that has occurred.

Customer Error Recording: New Relic offers us a lovely graph and the option to record customer errors.

To track how so much time our software is using, New Relic is used for transaction tracking.

Recording calls coming from external services - New Relic helps track calls coming from external services, but this can negatively impact the performance of our app.

If you want to enrich your career and become a professional in New Relic, then enroll in "New Relic Training" - This course will help you to achieve excellence in this domain.

2. Is SIEM a New Relic?

We may create our own event and security computational modeling using New Relic (SIEM). Additionally, we get access to all of the catalogs that are available via applications and corresponding blog article series.

3. What dialect does New Relic employ?

New Relic uses NRQL to retrieve detailed information and gain insight into the application, which hosts an important business-related activity.

4. What does New Relic's Runbook mean?

When the monitors fail, the New Relic service Runbook helps keep an eye on our services, as well as the adoption and usage of technology. Additionally, it helps us to recover from application crashes and failures without having any negative effects on our service.

5. How can New Relic ignore connections to SignalR that are persistent?

Using the command below, we can dismiss persistent SignalR connections:

<!-- Optional for basic traces. -->

    <tracerFactory name=" NewRelic.Agent.Core.Tracer.Factories.IgnoreTransactionTracerFactory">

        <match assemblyName=" Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.Core" className="Microsoft.AspNet.SignalR.PersistentConnection">

            <exactMethodMatcher methodName="ProcessRequest"/>




6. How should the Django development server be configured for New Relic?

The following command will configure New Relic for the Django development server:

<!-- wp:paragraph -->

<p>import newrelic.agent<br>newrelic.agent.initialize('/home/username/path/to/myproject/newrelic-')</p>

<!-- /wp:paragraph -->

<!-- wp:paragraph -->

<p>import os<br>os.environ.setdefault("DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE", "myproject.settings")<br>from django.core.wsgi import get_wsgi_application<br>application = get_wsgi_application()<br>application = newrelic.agent.wsgi_application()(application)</p>

<!-- /wp:paragraph →

7. How do I create a dashboard for Newrelic?

By selecting the + Create a dashboard button in the top-right corner of the dashboards index, you can quickly create a dashboard in New Relic One from the index of dashboards.

8. Who makes use of New Relic?

The Hospital & Health Care sector and the United States are where you'll most frequently find businesses using New Relic. Businesses with 10 to 50 employees and a revenue of $1 million to $10 million are the ones most likely to use New Relic.

9. How do I duplicate my Newrelic dashboard?

Select the Dashboards option at the beginning of New Relic One to access the dashboards. In the event that there are numerous dashboards, you can make search for a certain name.

When your cursor is over the dashboard title in the list, take note of the Clone dashboard button.

Navigate to the dashboard copy and then open it.

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10. Do you think of New Relic, what is a facet?

You can set up the faceted characteristics in New Relic One dashboard to limit the presently shown dashboard or a connected, linked dashboard for NRQL searches that contain a FACET phrase and satisfy additional chart-type requirements.

11. How can I get data out of New Relic?

Use the "Export as CSV" link in the upper right corner of the "All Transactions table" page for the entire app at https://rpm.newrelic.com/accounts/ID/applications/ID/transactions/table to export a comprehensive list of app server transactions, timing, apdex, etc.

12. Where is data stored by New Relic?

In addition to cloud storage provided by Amazon AWS, New Relic has co-location services known as Server Central in a Tier 3 data center in Chicago, Illinois, and an IBM-hosted data center close to Frankfurt, Germany.

13. What exactly is relic 1?

Enter New Relic One, a massively scalable observability platform that supports observability for every organization by gathering and contextualizing all operational data—from any source—and streamlining instrumentation, data ingestion, exploration, correlation, and machine learning-powered analysis.

14. New Relic: Is it a SaaS?

New Relic also enables you to scale and enhance your applications without worrying about the monitoring solution keeping up because it is a pure Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

Top Interview Questions for New Relic Experienced

1. What are the workloads from the new relic?

By supplying aggregate data health and activity data from web applications to backend services across the entire stack, our workloads feature enables you to group and supervise characteristics tend on a team or a set of responsibilities.

2. What do plugins for New Relic do?

A SaaS software analytics tool called New Relic gives your entire software stack running in on-premises, cloud, or hybrid environments real-time analytics and insights.

3. In the Relic Dashboard, how do I add a new chart?

Using our markdown editor, you can add text, images, and links, or you can use the query builder to add a new chart. Arrange and resize charts. To create a layout that suits your preferences, you can move any chart around the dashboard. You can put less-used charts in a corner or place more frequently used-charts on top.

4. How do I read a report from New Relic?

Visit one.newrelic.com > APM > (select an app) > Reports > Database to view the database analysis report for your app. The default report computes an average over the previous 7 days and compares the most recent 24 hours to the 24-hour span from 7 days prior. Select Apply after choosing to select or clear the timeframe checkbox options.

5. Is New Relic compliant with PCI?

Many of our customers work in regulated environments, such as those governed by PCI, HIPAA, or SOX, so New Relic must make sure that our offering does not conflict with or jeopardize their need to comply with regulations.

6. Is New Relic GDPR compliant?

New Relic has a specialized security and privacy group that is committed to offering and sustaining the highest security program in order to guarantee that we're GDPR compliant.

7. Owner of New Relic?

Lew Cirne

Lew Cirne, the company's CEO and creator has always been a major force in the innovation of this business. Most recently, he launched Relic One, the biggest and most comprehensive cloud-based observability platform made to create better software. Because of our desire, we have interfaced with the virtual age more than anyone else.

8. Is the general public able to access New Relic?

New Relic went public on December 12, 2014. In July 2020, New Relic announced a change to its pricing strategy that would result in a per-user system, lowering the bar to data gathering and providing full-stack observability licenses per user.

9. What kind of analytics does New Relic provide?

A business called New Relic that specializes in software analytics analyses billions of parameters from many apps. They offer real-time analytics to even more than 500,000 users and 12,000 premium business accounts.

10. In what ways can I add users to New Relic?

  • Go to Account dropdown > Account settings > Users and roles > Users for the account you want to add a user to.
  • Click New user in the top right corner.
  • The correct name and email address should be entered.
  • Choose their user category. …
  • Choose either Admin, User, or Restricted as their default role.
  • Choose to Add user.

11. What is displayed on the throughput chart?

Browser throughput is shown in the throughput chart as pages per minute (ppm). The mean price for the chosen time period is shown in the upper right-hand corner of the graph.

12. What is SQL query builder?

The Data Tools Platform (DTP) SQL Support System project includes the SQL Query Builder (SQB). Using point-click-select-and-drag gestures, end users can create SQL queries that use the SQB software tool.

13. What database is used by New Relic?


The New Relic Database is the engine under New Relic's hood that drives everything (NRDB). In this resource, we'll go over how NRDB can support your observability objectives.

14. What does "key transaction" mean in New Relic?

The benefits of designating an event in APM as a significant transaction include: Important transactions are grouped together in the New Relic UI to make finding and analyzing them straightforwardly. You can set your custom Apdex threshold for a key transaction. For a key transaction, you can provide an alerting policy.

15. What Is SLA in New Relic?

Results from service level agreements (SLAs) are provided by APM. SLA reports show downtime and patterns over time to help you better understand the performance of your application. … If your application solely generates non-web transactions, New Relic won't produce SLA reports for it.

16. Does New Relic use cookies?

In addition to using our own cookies on the Sites, New Relic also makes use of third-party cookies from companies like Google Analytics. You may find a list of the data and other technologies which New Relic uses on its websites and other services, as well as other important information, in our Cookie Tables.

17. How does New Relic make money?

The firm's monthly recurring revenue is the amount of money that New Relic may contractually expect to make from those customers over the course of the next month, such as relationship income or income from tacitly condone subscriptions, without any modification to or reduction in any of their subscriptions.

18. How can my New Relic be reset?

  • Start, stop, restart, or check the agent status in Windows
  • Windows agent: net newrelic-infra, start or stop.
  • Net stop newrelic-infra; net start newrelic-infra will restart the Windows agent.
  • Verify the Windows agent's status: "newrelic-infra" in the search box | find "STATE"

19. How do I set up New Relic for local use?

  • Create a New Relic login if you don't already have one. To finish this manual, you need publication and subscription permissions.
  • Activate Node. js.
  • Finished with the CLI quick start

20. What does New Relic's runbook URL mean?

Use alert conditions to find the URL for your runbook instructions. You can then use this to link to details or industry best practices for handling an incident that arises when the condition's critical limit is crossed or violated.

Most Common New Relic FAQs

1.FDescribe New Relic.

A Software as a Service (SaaS) tool for tracking performance and availability is called New Relic. A standardization Apdex (application performance index) score is used to set and assess app performance across the environment.

2. What distinguishes Splunk and New Relic from one another?

Differences between Splunk and New Relic

A tool called New Relic could be used to keep tabs on user activity in desktop, mobile, and web applications. In contrast, Splunk Enterprise is a security monitoring tool that helps businesses manage their data and produce event alerts and logs.

3. New relic infrastructure: what is it?

The purpose of the New Relic Infrastructure was to provide a comprehensive overview of the health and setup changes of our entire host ecosystem across all sorts of environments.

4. What is the APM of New Relic?

Using New Relic's Application Performance Monitoring, we could get like real-time as well as steadily moving data on the achievement of web-based apps and procedures (APM). Using New Relic One, we can connect our app's pertinent alerts,  services, infrastructure, logs,  and relevant app experience.

5. How do I configure New Relic alerts?

Make an alert policy.

  • Select Alerts & AI from the one.newrelic.com top menu, then select Policies.
  • On the strategy index page, select New alert policy.
  • Name the policy something catchy 
  • Pick your favorite incident.
  • An alternative to creating an important policy should be chosen.

6. How can New Relic gather information?

internet-based and various related enterprise applications are the sources of the metrics and data that New Relic APM gathers and stores. Above the network, New Relic receives data, which it then processes and analyzed. Data is viewed by users via a dashboard-style user interface.

7. What does New Relic's runbook URL mean?

Use alert conditions to find the URL for the runbook instructions. You can then use this to connect to details or industry best practices for handling an accident that arises when the condition's utmost threshold is reached or violated.

8. How can a relic dashboard be made?

We can quickly create a dashboard in New Relic One by clicking the + Create a dashboard button located at the top-right edge of the dashboard index.

9. How do I disable notifications from Newrelic?

  • You can either disable or enable a condition again.
  • On one.newrelic.com's top navigation, select Alerts & AI.
  • Alert Policies then. After that, pick a condition from the list of alerts.
  • Click the On and off switch to turn it on or off.

10. Who or what is New Relic?

  • Bringing our Data in one place: Using APIs, integrations, agents, and a single user interface, New Relic is capable of importing from the technology stack.
  • By studying our data, New Relic can identify the problem's source and improve our systems.
  • Creating dashboards and charts for Query Language.
  • Quick Incident Response - New Relic can be employed to find and alert the people before the issue.

Key Upshots

Working as a New Reliac professional is quite beneficial in itself. However, in order to crack the interview, make sure you are well versed with the concepts and leave no benefit of the doubt. It is quite probable that you will be asked certain personal questions too, remember to stay calm and focused throughout the process. 

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