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How to monitor activity on tableau server?

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Monitoring activity on the tableau server

Your Tableau Server is a key element within your Tableau world, and for many people, this is all they see of Tableau. Therefore, if there is any performance slowdown with reports that they are accessing, then they are the first to notice as it’s these reports that they rely on. Hence administrator must ensure proper maintenance of tableau server and thus make the environment more user – friendly

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As your server deployment grows, you can supervise your usage activity to provide the finest experience for your users. Tableau server incorporates an administrative maintenance menu that displays most of the information you’ll need  to monitor the status of the processes running on each server. There are also a series of tableau workbooks accessed via the analysis section as you can see in figure 9.12.

Figure 9.12 Tableau server maintenance menu

The status section

The status section displays the current status of processes that are available on each machine that is being deployed. The example in figure 9.12 is for a single server. If you have a multi-cluster setup, you will see each machine’s IP address exhibited on its own row.

The analysis section

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The analysis section provides links to embed tableau workbooks that provide metrics on these areas of interest:

  • Server activity – It displays thirty days of views with information on workbook counts, users, and sites
  • User activity – shows detailed user activity available by the server
  • Performance history-provides information on particular taxing workloads impacting performance
  • Background tasks – gives you views regarding tasks, primarily those triggered by user actions
  • Space usage – shows you how much space is being used by user, project, workbook as well as by the data source
  • Customized views – It displays the user-modified views altered using the remember my changes feature

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The activities section

There might sometimes arise some problem in your server setup that causes tableau server’s search index to become corrupted. If this happens, users may not get the exact results while browsing for workbooks or data sources. Run the rebuild search index if searches are not bringing back the familiar results.
If you have enabled the save password option for people accessing the server, this allows users to save passwords  for data sources in multiple browsers and visits. If you want to force everyone to enter passwords again, the cleared saved data connection password for all users option will make everyone to enter a password on their re-visit. This can also be done more selectively for individual users via the user preferences menu.

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The settings section

The options included in this section allow you to control the behaviour of  embedded credentials to schedules assigned to your workbooks, and provide a way for users to save data source passwords for multiple browsers and visits. Here you can also change tableau server’s default start page, default menu language, and locale for displaying numbers. Another feature is the ability to return any altered settings to the default values. See tableau server’s on-line manual for more details.

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Tableau has realized the need to provide enterprise with class management tools for monitoring activity, security and performance. Tableau version 8 provides an incomaparable number of tools than prior releases. In “using tableau server to facilitate fact-based team collaboration” post you’ll see how easy it is for a user to publish and consume reports in the tableau server in a simple manner.

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