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AWS Certification Without IT Experience. Is It Possible?

Is it possible to learn AWS without prior IT experience? Yes. Without an IT background or degree, it is possible to learn AWS and become certified if the necessary training hours are accomplished. This article will answer all of your questions on how to become AWS certified without IT expertise.

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AWS Certification without Experience

According to the CIO.com survey, more than 44% of IT decision-makers say that certifications result in performing work faster, 33% said that it would be with more efficiency when implementing results, and 23% to provide better services with fewer errors.

The current trend in the marketplace for hiring candidates is moving in a new way and is completely belongs to candidates and their skills sets and knowledge base. Most companies are looking for certified and skilled resources. However, candidates with the right certifications can ask for more as they can offer you more. Companies are willing to pay extra for these resources as they will gain an impactful asset.

According to Forbes, Top Paying IT Certifications in 2018, AWS took first place and is continuously leading the industry with numerous positions. In 2013, Amazon Web Services (AWS) started a certification program. Just in three years, these certifications have become one of the best assets to boost your career. And continued with increasing demand and stood at the top in the IT certifications.

AWS Trainings and Certifications

AWS has completed transformed the landscape of Cloud computing, displacing Microsoft and Google as the provider of choice for several major giant organizations in the current scenario. AWS specialists are in high demand consequently and short supply, so it is no surprise that many IT professionals are rushing to get AWS Certifier to validate their expertise with industry-recognized credentials.

AWS has become the most competitive, serious player in the cloud business, so it is better to prepare to learn a lot before getting into certifications. It is not a matter if you are System’s Architect, a SysOps Engineer, or a Developer. You can start by attending Mindmajix AWS Online Training, the first milestone in your journey. Later, you will be ready for AWS Architecting, intended for Solutions Architects who want to excel on cloud usage.

Due to a shortage of AWS professionals, the demand is very high, and their salaries are only on the up and are causing some IT novices to explore the possibility of an exciting new cloud career. 

However, don’t be under any illusions that AWS exams will be a breeze. These Certifications are explicitly designed to help employers find skilled AWS professionals. Therefore, you will need to learn to create, deploying and operate infrastructure and applications on the AWS Cloud.

Tiers of AWS Certification

After deciding to pursue an AWS Certification, you have to pick a course from the vast number available nowadays. Amazon offers four certification tiers from Fundamental to Specialty with role-based paths for Solution Architects, Cloud Practitioners, SysOps Administrators or Developers. Know more here about AWS Free Tier Limits and FAQs

Till now we came across AWS training and certifications. Now let’s look at distinct certifications available in the marketplace.

Tiers of AWS Certification

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam

If you lack IT experience, it may be the best fit to dip your toes in AWS waters and enjoy the benefits of Amazon’s online training. This AWS Cloud Practitioner Essential Course is specifically designed to help candidates prepare for the Certified AWS Cloud Practioner exam.

The salaries for these AWS professionals are on top and increasing continuously. This is the reason why IT novices explore the possibility of an exciting new cloud career. But the question is that “Is it possible to get AWS certification without previous industry experience?”

The candidates who stood far greater have chances of qualifying exams at the first attempt and landing in an AWS job after certification if they have hands-on training from a professional. Mindmajix AWS training programs are offered by experts in the industry and are specifically designed to prepare you for a cloud computing career. 

The next step for most of the candidates is to sit with the AWS Certified Solutions Architect-Associate exam. No prerequisites are required to take this course, but it is necessary to have IT experience, and Amazon highly recommends it only to those who have industry experience or hands-on experience in designing distributed systems and applications on the AWS platform.

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Frequently Asked AWS Interview Questions & Answers

Bottom Line

However, expert online platforms like Mindmajix can accelerate you to take the associate course. Our industry-certified trainers will assist you to qualify for the Solutions Architect exam in just eight-weekend classes, i.e., 16 hrs. You will also provide with necessary skills to leave you with hands-on experience to showcase your AWS expertise in distinct practical ways successfully obtaining certification.

If you interested to learn AWS and building a career in Cloud Computing?  Then check out our AWS Certification Training Course at your near Cities

AWS Training in Chennai,  AWS Training in Dallas, AWS Training in Pune.

These courses are incorporated with Live instructor-led training, Industry Use cases, and hands-on live projects. This training program will make you an expert in AWS and help you to achieve your dream job.

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